How To Install TV Antenna And Satellites

Antennas and satellite installation is a must for any type of TV. A few years ago, we had the regular antennas that were simply mounted on the roof tops of the houses and it was this that did a good job of transmitting frequency and signals to the TVs. These were the only connections that could connect us to the satellites revolving in the open space. It was only this type that was seen in every house top. Of course, the TVs of the olden days were designed to receive signals from these antenna types but the ones that we have today at our homes like LCDs, LEDs etc are all designed differently and hence the frequencies and signals transmitted by these usual antennas would not suffice the purpose.

In today`s world, hardly do we see any antenna or aerial installation london of this kind and it is only the dishes from different service providers that are covering up the terrace. These special dishes and antennas are designed uniquely to function and receive special frequency signals that could be passed on to the television sets of today`s world and this is how we are able to happily enjoy all our programs in different modes.


Outdoor antennas are generally fixed on rooftops and sometimes in attics. The exact spot depends on the possibility of signals to reach them perfectly so that the same could be perfectly transmitted to the audience watching the TV programs. There are directional antennas and some general antennas. The directional ones need to be fixed facing the transmitters so that they, without a trouble, receive signals straight and the ones that are general need not have to necessarily be facing a particular direction for they can receive signals from all sides.

Accuracy is never a problem with such antennas. In some areas, all the antennas are directed and placed facing a particular direction, and these antennas are connected to receive signals from a single transmitter. There is a separate and unique system for receiving and transmitting signals in the form of radio frequencies and these are distributed to be viewed and enjoyed by the audience and this system is called the CABD – Communal Antenna Broadcast Distribution. These systems are generally placed inside a building and they are designed to receive signals from the free air.


The rooftop antennas are generally erected using poles to keep them a little higher than the floor level so that they receive signals without a problem.

With buildings reaching the sky, the antennas are installed higher on them so that the signals are more accurate and hence the picture on the TV is perfect.

If it is a low lying area, then the antennas need to be erected especially on multiple sized poles to reach to the top to receive signals.

So the higher the antenna is placed, the better would be its performance; this would in turn help in receiving better and clarity pictures in the television boxes. So check your location first, then go for the one with the perfect and apt installation to receive signals in the best possible way.

The TVs of the olden days that used the analog signals were susceptible to ghosting. This is nothing but the blurred images of the picture that happens sometimes when we receive improper signals. When a transmitter is made to transfer signals to too many numbers of antennas, there might be problems in proper transmissions and the result is a blurred image. So in such cases the transmitters need to be very sharp, accurate and should also be positioned appropriately so that this possible problem is avoided. But with digital signals in place today, this problem is greatly averted.

These digital signals work for digital televisions and they cannot be transmitted to pictures in the analog television sets because the analog signal receiving television sets are not designed to receive digital signals. The frequencies that are transmitted in a digital TV are higher and they need more accuracy and power which is not how an analog TV is designed or made. So using and erecting the appropriate antennas or aerial is very important when comes to signal transmission.

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